Our genial repair-exchange-program:

How is the repair-exchange conveyed through? You send us a fax or an e-mail as order and Mass Tech delivers the desired exchange-part by parcel service. In this carton you send us your defect device and the printet out reprepairing-card.

Of cause at Mass Tech limited liability company you will always get best service and easy terms.
Due to the exchange program you are quaranteed low prices and minimized interruption times. You are able to find out maximum costs in advance. Only in case of turbo pumps there are tree price classes dependent on the art of damage.

R1 damage of bearing
R2 rotation damage (highest price)
R3 engine damage (only calculated in connection with R1)

On principle all pumps are completely reassembled, cleaned by "Almeco", repaired using only original replacement parts, assembled completely and at last their functions are tested over a time of 48 hours.